Build my pool without a
Pool Contractor?


Save thousands on 

my new pool?

Your Best Pool is also Your Most Affordable Pool

You Can

Skip the Contractor and Save Thousands

on your New Swimming Pool.

Pool builders in Phoenix do not build your pool.

Pool Contractors simply hire specialized trades

who actually build your pool.

If you hire these trades yourself and avoid all the costs and markups from the middleman pool contractor,

you will save thousands of dollars on your pool.

Independence Pools Helps you Easily Save Money on Your New Pool

How Much Can I Save on My New Pool?

You will save thousands by skipping the contractor and having

the same trades build your pool as the pool contractor would.

Pool Builders simply hire the same trades that you can, but they put a

mark-up on the trades' costs for hiring them for you.

Those mark-ups typically range from 25% to 45%.

You can have independence from the pool contractor and

you can avoid those expensive mark-ups!

Independence Pools can provide a Trades' Cost Estimate to compare to your Pool Contractor Quote.

Here are some examples of the savings Independence Pools' customers have enjoyed!

Save $8,539

Play Pool with

In-floor cleaning

Pool Builder Quote: $34,252

Independence Pools Trades' Cost:

Save $10,368

Play Pool with rock waterfall and slide

Pool Builder Quote:


Independence Pools Trades' Cost:


Save $28,995

Large Diving Pool with spa

Pool Builder Quote:


Independence Pools Trades' Cost:


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Can I Really Build my Pool Without a Pool Contractor?

Yes, you can ... and quite easily too!

It is easy because you are

not alone having your pool built.

Independence Pools provides

swimming pool design and construction expertise to guide you through the entire project.

We give you with the same

easy to use tools, techniques and systems

that we used as a pool builder

to manage multiple pool builds at once.

You are using these tools for your pool

and only your pool.

The simple truth is, if you can make

a phone call and send an email to the trades

who actually work in your backyard ...   

you are doing what a pool contractor does to

"build" your pool.

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